Poster of Naga Yang Berjalan di Atas Air by Otty Widasari

The Dragon Who Walks On The Water
Naga Yang Berjalan di Atas Air
2012, 115 mins, PAL, color
Director: Otty Widasari & Komunitas Djuanda
Camera: Syaiful Anwar ‘Paul’
Editing: Mufti Al Umam, Choiril Chodri
Produser: Hafiz Rancajale
Production: Forum Lenteng / Komunitas Djuanda

A little story from the border city of Tangerang and Bogor Regency, where Kang Sui Liong, the temple guard, lives with his wife and son. Times change. Kang Sui Liong bears witness to the glory of the Benteng Chinese living from downstream in Tangerang to upstream in Bogor until the process of assimilation blackens their skin. At dusk, Kang Sui Liong sits stunned at a crossroads, asking himself, where this ancestral heritage will be taken to?

About The Film
The Dragon Who Walks on the Water is a feature-length documentary film that we produced as part of the process of recording a chronic socio-cultural history in South Tangerang City. This film tells the story of a temple guard named Kang Sui Liong where he lived for decades in the Babakan Pocis area, South Tangerang, with his wife and son and the people around him. Every day he meets with various types of both congregation temple and people who want to stay in touch. This film seeks to convey information and as a means to bridge mutual understanding of the cultural values ​​contained therein. The combination of religious and cultural systems has an acculturative style and is rich in ornamentation. It is this combination that feeds the pagoda with a cultural setting based on a combination of the three elements namely Betawi, Sundanese and Chinese which melt together in fragments of time.

This film production lasted for almost 3 months (from the end of November 2011 until February 2012), involving documentary filmmakers from the Forum Lenteng (Jakarta) and the Komunitas Djuanda, Ciputat, South Tangerang. The film shooting was held in the Klenteng or Bio Kanti Sara, Babakan Pocis Bhakti Jaya Village, Setu District, South Tangerang City.

The production is part of the AKUMASSA’s Community Capacity Building Program targeting AKUMASSA’s networking communities, organized by Forum Lenteng. The AKUMASSA is Forum Lenteng’s main program which focuses on citizen media empowerment in various regions in Indonesia through a media literacy approach.